Sanders-Brown FacultyThe mission of the UK-ADRC Clinical Core is to improve the health of older adults in Kentucky and beyond through research dedicated to understanding the aging process and age-related brain diseases. 

Core Activities

Clinical Studies for Volunteers and Patients

Our Clinics

Kentucky Neuroscience Institute Memory Disorders Clinic: UK-ADRC neurologists offer initial evaluations for memory loss of patients with late-life cognitive disorders, e.g., AD and vascular dementia. Following evaluation, patients may be asked to participate in our Sanders-Brown Center on Aging Clinic studies.

Telemedicine Cognitive Clinic is for patients who live in remote areas of Kentucky or surrounding states. The use of a videoconferencing system allows patient and doctor to see and talk with each other as if they were in the same room.

Sanders-Brown Center on Aging Clinic The UK-ADRC Clinical Core is dedicated to the study of normal brain aging and transitions across the spectrum of cognitive impairment (normal/ preclinical AD/ MCI/ dementia). Our normal brain aging study follows roughly 800 individuals, with and without problems with memory and thinking.

Gregory Jicha, MD, PhD


1030 S. Broadway,
Suite 5
Lexington, KY

Phone Number

(859) 323-5550


Clinical Core Primary Phone: (859) 323-5550

Senior Investigators

  • Fred Schmitt, Ph.D.
  • Richard King, MD, Ph.D.
  • Shani Bardach, Ph.D.


Study Clinicians

Beth Coy

Kim Lowry


Lisa Koehl

Jordan Harp

Clinical Trials Administrator

Heather Nichols

Family Care Support Specialists

Julia Johnson

Kelly Parsons

Clinical Trials Outreach Team

Elizabeth Rhodus

Tyler McRoberts

Claire Jicha

Clinical Research Coordinating Team

Molly Harper

Alex Hunter

Hope Esposito

Rosmy George

Megan Hall

Andrea Shaffer

Longitudinal Study of Cognitive
Aging & Related Research Team

Justin Barber

Bailee Boggess

Keisha C. Jones

Katherine E. Snyder

Medical & Imaging Team

Barbara Martin

Ahmed Bahrani

Doaa Ali

Morgan Puckett

Brandon Ramey

Office Administrative Support Team

Angela Holloman

Sally Scherer