Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center (ADRC)

The UK-ADRC is supported (1985 – 2021) by a major grant from the National Institute on Aging (P30AG028383). Our center is made up of a multidisciplinary group of professionals dedicated to research, clinical care, and education.

Our team includes the following:

  • Members of the faculty at the University of Kentucky and the Sanders-Brown Center on Aging;
  • Postdoctoral fellows and other trainees; and,
  • A diverse staff including study coordinators, social workers, research nurses, technicians, and research assistants.


Director and Principal Investigator:
Linda J. Van Eldik, PhD, professor of neuroscience 

Associate Directors:
Gregory A. Jicha, MD, PhD, professor of neurology 
Richard J. Kryscio, PhD, professor of statistics


Beverly Baesler, Financial Officer 
Paula Thomason, Administrator

The UK-ADRC is organized into five core components, one satellite, and pilot projects:

Organizational Framework of the UK-ADC - University President - Provost - Dean, College of Med - Director, SBCoA, L. Van Eldik - UK-ADC Admin Core - Internal Advisory Committee + ADC Executive Committee - Pilot Review Committee + External Advisory Committee - Clinical: G. Jicha + DMS: R. Kryscio + Neuropath: P. Nelson + OR: F. Schmitt + REC: L. Van Eldik + Biomarker: D. Wilcock - Pilot Projects