Mission & Vision

Mission Statement
The mission of the Sanders-Brown Center on Aging (SBCoA) is to improve the health of the older adults in Kentucky and beyond through research dedicated to understanding the aging process and age-related brain diseases, and education, outreach, and clinical programs that promote healthy brain aging.


The SBCoA will be recognized locally and nationally as a premier, vitally productive and innovative aging center that effectively translates research findings into interventions and information that will benefit older adults.


Continue to lead aging research and expand translational neuroscience research to more effectively translate research discoveries into interventions and information that will benefit older adults.

Provide educational opportunities to older persons, the general public, and health care students and professionals regarding normal cognitive aging and neurodegenerative disorders of the older adults.

Serve as a model in the development of programs and services that benefit elders and those who care for them.

Create an infrastructure and culture that facilitates academic excellence, encourages innovation and collaboration, and promotes diversity.